Amazing Donuts

Donuts – The name says it all!


Our signature Amazing Donuts are moist, light, and distinctly flavorful. Made from scratch with passion and love that goes into each savory creation is unmatched anywhere in North America. Our extensive combination of great pleasures includes traditional Rainbow, Chocolate Glazed, White Glazed, Chocolate Marble and then our specialities Hava Nagila, Barbie, Mexican, Cookie Crumb, Zap and Candy. We also can customize icing colors and sprinkle combinations.


For those with a passion for filled donuts we serve Boston Creme, Jelly, Custard, Chocolate Creme, Blueberry and Lemon. At Chanukah we cannot produce these Sufganiot fast enough as they are so popular.

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3772 Bathurst Street

Toronto, ON

M3H 3M6


For Allergy Sensitive Baked Items


From the substantial traditional donut we offer a Kid Size version, amazing charms and our Donut Cake that feeds 8-10.